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Pure Lavender Essential Oil - 100% Natural

Mayie - Vegan Product   Mayie - 100% Natural Product   Mayie - Cruelty Free and Vegan Product       

Mayie Lavender Essential Oil is a 100% natural product. It is obtained during the natural process of Lavender flowers distillation. Its most important skincare benefits are skin cell regeneration and skin soothing. Lavender essential oil is recognized as the most versatile essential oil. It is a great skin regenerating natural product, skin soothing agent, it provides mental calm and helps reducing sleep disorders. On top if all, it is a much appreciated fragrance.

Mayie Lavender Essential Oil's active constituents are providing antiseptic, antalgic, antispasmodic, wound healing and regenerating benefits. It yields great results for caring sensitive skin, photo-aging reduction and it is a great help for acne prone skin.

Aromatherapy practitioners use it as stress reliever, sleep disorder helper and for anxiety treatment. 

Skin Type Action


  • For any age, with great results for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • Face skin: used as an active ingredient in your favorite Mayie product regenerates skin cells and soothes.
  • Soothes irritated skin and helps with reducing acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • Its antioxidant properties help skin cells regenerate and properly operate.
  • Due to its antibacterial properties, it helps healing small scratches and wounds.
  • Its unique aroma helps reduce mental stress and gives you a good mood.
  • Moreover, a few drops on your pillow will help you get a relaxing sleep.

How to use: pour several drops in your favorite Mayie Beauty Oil depending on your needs or on the advice you received from a Mayie consultant. For inhalations or therapeutic uses, you can use an essential oil diffuser or follow the instructions provided by your medic.

Mayie Lavender Essential Oil does not create physical addiction or skin sensitization. It is a great product, recommended for every day caring of face skin, or body skin.

How to store: in order to benefit a long time from Mayie Lavender Essential Oil, we recommend keeping the container tightly closed while not in use. Avoid direct sunlight and keep dry, at room temperature.

Smell: lavender, floral, strong

Package Type: dark glass bottle and dropper cap

Net Volume: 10ml or 50ml

Period After Opening: 12 months

Mayie Routine is designed to provide your skin a complete, 100% natural, non-sensitizing and healthy daily care. Whether you use the full routine or choose to use part of it, we are making sure your skincare needs are covered properly.

This product can be used in most Mayie products you use at the following steps from Mayie Routine:

Morning Routine Evening Routine
 Water Wash
 Oil Cleanser
 Foam Cleanser
 Gentle Cleanser
 Eye Care
 Face Mask
 Eye Care
Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia oil*
*extracted in Mayie Farm from fresh lavender flowers grown organically in our Mayie Farm by us.
**according to EU regulations, we hereby inform you that this product contains naturally occurring linalool and limonene. If you are allergic to these constituents, please address to your medic before use.
Mayie - Natural Biocompatibility


We believe in the fact that our bodies and our skin adapted to what nature has provided us with for the last few thousands of years. Since not all natural ingredients are beneficial to our skin, our research has a holistic approach where we take into account the historical use of plants, the extraction methods, the clinical results and the long-term skin sensitization risk. We are proud to grade our ingredients as natural and biocompatible.

Mayie - Innovation


Research is the most precious ongoing activity in our lab where everyone in our company is involved. We are curious minds, always looking for new extraction methods, new ingredients, new delivery systems and new formulations by leveraging cutting edge technology. Our goal is a healthy, ageless and natural looking skin.

Mayie - Sustainable Environment


Whether it's Mayie Proprietary Farms or Mayie Network Farms, our agriculture and wild-harvest technology is fully organic, no chemicals and no overexploitation. We leverage our patented technology across all our farms, which places us a step ahead of international organic regulations. We are proud to know that our great-grandchildren will be able to cultivate our present land, unadulterated and as healthy as it is now.

Mayie - Peta Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

We respect nature and we respect the integrity of all animal species. Our lab testing technology allows us to avoid any type of animal testing and we obtain the best results. Moreover, we discourage the use of any animal exploitation during agricultural activities across Mayie Farm Network.

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