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Thank you for your interest in our brand! Here you can find info and materials which will be helpful for making our story known to the world.

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How we work, certifications and quality

All our products are 100% natural, obtained form our own organic farms or from our farmer's organic crops. Both we and our farmers are following organic technology for plant cultivation.

Our organic certifier is EcoCert.

We control the full production chain. Starting with plant cultivation, harvesting and ending with processing of raw materials (distillation for essential oils, cold pressing for carrier oils and milling for powders). Once we obtain raw materials from plants, we play around with them in our cosmetic research lab and we pack the formulations in our production line. Everything takes place in west Romania.

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Our story

Our plants grow in their organic and healthy rhythm, on mountain tops and fields.

Who are we? We are Irina and Tudor Panait.
From the field kissed only by rain and sun we bring pureness straight into our distillery.

At the farm we take great care of our lavender just the same as older generations before us did in their youth. From this violet gold treasure we collect, drop by drop, the pure essential oil, superior, aromatic, superb. We are Mayie.

At the farm we take great care of our lavender just the same as older generations before us did in their youth. We respect the nature and do not use chemicals in our lavender fields. Moreover, through our sustainability standards, we don't overuse the natural substances either.

Our plants grow at their own healthy and organic pace, just like on a mountain top. You are being offered, then, a lavender oil with a maximum of active principles.

The attention we pay to the quality continues then in the distillery, where the freshly harvested lavender flowers are brought and transformed into high quality lavender oil. The secret of the quality of the Mayie lavender oil is given by the highly strict control over the production process. Starting with the fresh water used in the distillation phase and ending with the aromatic drops of the essential lavender oil, the process is 100% natural, unadulterated, undiluted, with no solvents or additives involved and perfectly suitable for internal use.

For you, we keep the intense aroma and the deep notes of our lavender oil only in high-quality food grade glass. When the order reaches its destination, you will enjoy the same sensation that we experience.

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